By Dr Mamat Desa

Mahathir is well-known for his stance of creating enemies.

DS Najib Razak has long been the target of Mahathir’s defamation agenda, and currently TS Muhyiddin Yassin has been chosen to be his new enemy.

The parliamentary motion of no-confidence against Muhyiddin on the grounds for not having majority support as compared to his, was a big blow to Mahathir as he himself has significantly low votes from his Bersatu party, as well as PH components.

As a matter of fact, Mahathir is violating his party disciplinary rules and with reference to his letter of resignation, he has been ratified by ROS (Registrar of Societies) for his resignation as Bersatu Chairman.

Incompatibly, as the Chairman of Bersatu, why is he sitting within the opposition block in the parliament, while the President of Bersatu is the head of the government team?

In an audio recording which is currently being viral on social media, Mahathir has dictates that he despises DS Anwar Ibrahim, as well as DAP leaders. So, would Anwar and DAP be stupid enough to be his allies?

Audio recording, uploaded from YouTube

Mahathir hatred for Anwar was evidenced by his refusal to give up PM’s seat to Anwar, and more willing to resign as Prime Minister (PM) and deliberately left Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition.

Why don’t he just passes over PM’s seat to Anwar and only then he leaves PH?

Although he now stands on the same side of the opposition block, at odds, he purposely refuses to join PH. The best excuse for such posture is that he doesn’t want to be Anwar’s affiliate, who is currently the leader of the opposition.

Principally Mahathir can buy members of parliament support to win a majority number in the parliament. However, will Anwar support him and let him possess PM’s seat again after all the persecution he has inflicted on Anwar?

Mahathir had promised that if Muhyiddin ever been appointed as PM, he would give his support. Moreover Muhyiddin is one of the founders who established Bersatu-one of the PH components party.

Ironically today, he accused Muhyiddin of treason, while he painted Najib as thief, robber, bandit and rogue. On the other side, is he a ‘holy angel’?

The pretensions of Mahathir and the DAP, in their role as affable political allies have greatly hurt Lim Kit Siang.

Lim Kit Siang had written several books on Mahathir’s mismanagement and BNM-Forex scandal during Mahathir’s tenure as PM, and for that, Lim Kit Siang was twice imprisoned.

Would Lim Kit Siang be able to just forget about that?

Mahathir had once defamed Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, Malaysia’s first PM, that caused Tunku to step down. Mahathir had also pressured Tun Hussein Onn to vacate PM’s office for him to take over.

Tunku Abdul Rahman , “He insulted me’ – Uploaded from YouTube

After that Malaysia was ruled through ‘Gestapo-style’ government because if there is anyone who dares to criticise or oppose Mahathir’s policy, stringent action will be taken against him or her.

Anyhow in 1997, Anwar who could not bear the rule of cronyism, nepotism and collusion, bravely stood up against Mahathir. Consequently, Anwar was imprisoned.

Anwar was not the first to oppose Mahathir, as Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (Ku Li) had made an attempt to challenge Mahathir, supported by ‘Semangat 46’ team, during UMNO’s party election in 1987.

But Mahathir had won seemingly because of Najib’s reinforcement when he had 43 majority votes with a total of 761 compared to 718 of Ku Li’s. Strangely, he still sees Najib as his enemy.

Fortunately, for Ku Li, he is a political figure from the royal palace, for that reason Mahathir could not do much against him.

In 2002, Mahathir suddenly found that significant numbers of UMNO leaders were secretly against him, and from the police secret report, he was also informed that the people were also extremely begun to reject him as PM, perhaps for his authoritarian government.

For such undercurrent political wave, with his ‘crocodile tears’ on the stage during UMNO’s 2002 annual assembly, Mahathir announced his resignation.

He then decided to appoint Tun Abdullah Badawi as his successor, but conflictingly he also wanted Abdullah to be his puppet who would bow to his needs and wants.

Tun Abdullah opposed Mahathir’s mechanism of controlling his management and consequently he was sabotaged during the 12th GE and forced to resign. At that point of time, Mahathir already had plans for Najib to take Abdullah’s position as PM.

Najib also refused to be Mahathir’s puppet, and for that reason he has to face Mahathir’s defamation and assaults.

Similarly, the former Deputy PM, Tun Musa Hitam admitted that if he ever go against Mahathir’s instruction, he would have the same fate as Najib and Anwar.

Mahathir’s hatred for DS Hadi Awang cannot be disputed too. ‘Amanat Hadi Awang’ has always been an instrument for Mahathir to raise the issue of infidelity among the Malays.

Currently, Najib, Muhyiddin, Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang have been made to be his enemies.

Coinciding to such notion, Mahathir has also been labelled as the ‘Top-Ten Enemy of the Press’, and he has also been listed as ‘World Famous Dictators’ by Ranker, as well as Fandom.

List of Famous Dictators – Ranker

Presently, the ROS has confirmed that Mahathir has resigned as the Chairman of Bersatu, which nullifies his authority upon the party. For that he also sees ROS as his enemy.

Perhaps Mahathir will cast another motion of no confidence, this time against ROS.



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