Malaysians, especially the Malays and indigenous society are enthusiastically responding to the call of ‘812 ANTI-ICERD’ rally which is to be held tomorrow, Dec 8th in KL.

Similar rallies had been carried out on various states to show their concern on Malays-indigenous rights, the Malay Rulers and the Muslim religion. At Pasir Salak alone there were 40,000 participants who had shown their support to fight against breaching of social contracts if ever ICERD were to be ratified.

It is expected that the ‘812 ANTI-ICERD’ rally tomorrow would gather a strong of one million participants all over the nation including Sabah and Sarawak.

The rally is conceived to be uttermost necessary even if there were thunderstorms and heavy rain within the capital city.

It is extremely pertinent for the people to demonstrate and inform the PH government as well as the world that they are against the agenda of molesting the aptitude of the Malay Rulers, the Muslim religion as well as the Malay rights, as what had been agreed upon within the provision of the Federal Constitution.

Currently, there are significant trends that humiliated the Malays, their Rulers and their religion.

However, there are reports that announced Mahathir’s attempt to hold a ‘Human Rights Day’ mass assembly on the same day and almost at the same time in PJ, which is translated as a move to jeopardise the ‘812 ANTI-ICERD’.

The PH Government is indirectly forcing up the public servants to attend the ‘Human Rights’ event as an attempt to restraint them from the ‘812 ANTI-ICERD’ rally in KL.

TS Razali Ismail, as reported on Malay Journal

However the Chairman of Malaysian Human Rights Commission, Tan Sri Razali Ismail, is said to decide in postponing the Dec 8th assembly. Perhaps this is a measure not to hold a counter-rally against the ‘812 ANTI-ICERD’ rally.

ICERD merely highlights equality, but it fails to understand that equality is not fairness and in some instances it is discriminatory. The same goes to the principles of the so-call ‘human rights.’

How could equality be applied on two parties when one of them is handicapped? The majority of the Malays and the indigenous are legitimately the owner of the state but yet majority of them are living in poverty, while the Chinese and Indians are the riches that controlled the economy.

Fairness acknowledges differences, while contradictorily, equality of ICERD equalised differences.

A fair government will have to give priority to the have-nots and weak folks rather than the riches and the economics powerful society. This is part of the differences that cannot be treated equally.

Moreover with regards to the Malaysian case, attempt to enforce ‘human rights’ is perceived as supporting DAP’s philosophy of ‘Malaysian Malaysia.’

As a matter of fact, the Prime Minister is seen to be the root of all the hassles that have to do with the ratification of ICERD as he was the one who announced during his speech in UNGA a few weeks ago that Malaysia would ratify the 1969-ICERD.

Standing up against such proposal, the Malays-indigenous see that such attempt will subtly diminish their rights, molesting the aptitude of the Malay Rulers, and the provision that Muslim religion is the Federal Religion, as what had been agreed upon within the provision of the Federal Constitution.

If the ‘Jakarta 212 Reunion’ had successfully gathered six million participants, it is not impossible for Malaysians, in particular the Malays to have a one million strong of participants in the ‘812 ANTI-ICERD’ mass rally in KL.

There will be at least 25 international media representatives who will witness the mass rally tomorrow. Among others are, Al Jazeera, KyodoNews, New York Times, Tass Russia, Cambodian Times, AFP, Sydney Morning Herald, Manila Chronicles, Star UK, Yonhap Korea, UPI, Singapore Straits Times, KUNA Kuwait, and many more expected to join.

The Malays-indigenous have to show to the Chinese and Indians’ chauvinists leaders that they dare and they are extremely against any attempt to jeopardise their rights and any that relates to it as provisioned in the Federal Constitution.


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