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By Dr Razali Ghani (upload from SelangorPress)

WHEN the Economist came out with a news story titled “Malaysia’s PM is about to steal an election”, I felt that it became the responsibility of Malaysians to question its credibility and reliability on facts that are manipulative and twisted.

Having felt that, I remembered the words of John Swinton, who was once the head of New York Times,

The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

I saw ‘The Economist’ as nothing more than trying hard to survive within the digital online sphere where news is freely accessible anywhere, any place and at any time.

I pitied this so called newspaper which was camouflaging as an online magazine and begging for readers’ subscription. One of the best ways to pull subscribers is by injecting stories with lies and fallacies, trying to make it interesting and intriguing through ‘pulling factors’. This is parallel to what John Swinton had claimed.

To the Economist’s writer, I would like to address some of your wild accusations.

You started by bluntly criticising the Malaysian electoral system, when in fact you are criticising the very system that your great grandfather, or to be more precise, the British colonials, had introduced to us through their mission of “winning the heart and mind” of the people. It was part of the subtle agenda to wash away communist elements that was slowly established within the peoples’ mind.

In other words, you had put aside our history and our hateful minds against the so called ‘western colonial’ propaganda. You must  know that we always wanted to get away from such colonial mechanism of governance that you deemed ‘democracy’.

We accept your democratic system until now even though the intrinsic crazy dogma of your democracy is towards freedom, which includes, among others, freedom of speech that would include freedom to tell lies, freedom to curse and swear, and freedom to believe fake news.

So let me tell you this. We don’t care about all your accusations against the General Election system. The opposition would tell you that the system is corrupted when they lose, but never a single bad word come out of their big mouth when they had won five states out of thirteen, and crazily seized peoples’ money.

Didn’t you read about Lim Guan Eng of DAP and the underwater highway tunnel scandal? Hundreds of billions were secretly planned to be stolen away. While ‘intellectual prostitutes’ like you will just keep your eyes and ears closed.

Who cares about gerrymandering? Again, that is the system introduced by the British colonials, whom probably were your great grandfathers.

It is not about being democratic or not, as democracy is not a zero-one game. It is about the degree of democracy that you practice. The same is reflected in your country, whereby Britain’s democracy is not as good as that of Norway, Finland and Sweden. As a matter of fact, United Kingdom ranks 16th in the world.

We are glad that within the South East Asian countries we are not that bad as compared to our neighbours. You cannot compare us with Singapore and if you do, then we challenge you to put on the opposition’s coat in Singapore or try to have a street rally there as what you had seen in Malaysian BERSIH rallies or Reformasi rallies.

Democracy in Malaysia is all about the survival of the Malay-indigenous against the migrated economic hyenas who disguised themselves as the opposition.

It is significant in Malaysian politics that when a Malay-Indigenous leader loses in an election, then the one that would be in power would probably be the non-indigenous which we would label as the economic hyenas of the opposition. These are the real kleptocrats that would steal away the peoples’ money or otherwise have their cronies to keep their money.

Look at what is happening in Penang! The indigenous Malay-Muslims are subtly being chased out of Penang when the DAP economic hyenas are in power. It is not just that, they are also secretly demolishing our religious beliefs so that the absolute freedom that they are demanding for, would be granted.

Nothing more that most of us would perceive, except that you are one of the pawns who have been possessed by the Malaysia senile old ex-premier who is now struggling to gain back the power which he had brushed aside in 2003.


Don’t you know that the ex-premier who was 22-years in power is the root of the ‘reformation movement’? He is the target of the movement to be toppled for his corruption, dictatorship, cronyism, nepotism, and kleptocracy. Yet he is trying to reverse all his lames and corruption administration on his successors, not only Najib but all those who were once the PM of Malaysia, including Tunku Abdul Rahman, Hussien Onn, Abdullah Badawi and currently Najib.

As a matter of fact, not only all the ex-premiers before and after him were kicked out, but also his deputies. He even admits that he was a dictator; the Pharaoh of Malaysia.

Well you also know that at one point he had attacked your leaders too! One of his obvious acts was “Buy British last policy.” And yet you are helping him to topple Najib and bring that old serpent back to power.

The old ex-premier who is currently loud against 1MDB is not one of our indigenous ethnics. He is of Indian ethnic, an opportunist who had blamed George Soros for the Asian economic turmoil of 1997-1998. Ironically behind the screen, he was the major player who stole away people’s money through the Bank Negara forex scandal, as he was the dictator whom nobody dared to challenge during those days when he was in power.


You should ask Lim Kit Siang, the leader of the Chinese chauvinist DAP who was, since 20 years ago, shouting all over the country to alert the authorities to get hold of this real kleptocrat of the country, whom you should attack and not Najib.

But as we had learned, many who had been attacking Najib from out there were the mules of the old senile ex-premier.

I am also highly doubtful of your credibility in terms of your reference on the authentic stories of 1MDB which you have turned into a fictitious story to poison peoples’ minds.

You highlighted the 1MDB, which is a stale issue that most of us would chuck out, for the lies and falsehood overused by the old ex-premier. You say that billions of RM was lost through 1MDB, but we know you need to do more homework to verify your claims.


You mentioned that DOJ had claimed that Najib is responsible, then why don’t they take away Najib and charge him in your international court of law.

DOJ never did that. Why? The reason is that they could not verify that Najib was the one responsible for all the money that you believe had gone missing. For that we also believe that you are no more than just another mule of the old senile.

The old senile ex-premier even stole peoples’ money to bail out companies of his cronies or otherwise his proxies like MAS, Perwaja, Realmild, Petron, as to mention some.

You can ask Rafidah Aziz, one of his regime’s ministers during those days when he was in power. She will tell you and show you how he had used his power of authoritarian to forcefully pressure the ministry to give away various contracts to his son and cronies.


We wonder why you didn’t highlight the more than RM40 billion lost in the BNM Forex speculative gambling which was secretly executed by this old serpent.

In 1997-1998 he destructively failed in his speculative forex BNM gambling, and when coincidentally there was an Asian financial turmoil, he immediately blamed George Soros as the one responsible. He then portrayed himself as Soros’ enemy as he blatantly cursed and swore Soros for the Asian financial catastrophe.

Ironically, later when Soros came to Malaysia, he treated him as if Soros was his long lost good friend, while Soros called him a ‘corrupt moron’.

We also wonder why you didn’t pull your Malaysian readers’ subscription by highlighting this old serpent sons’ richness, one of whom is among the ten richest billionaires of Malaysia.

Didn’t you know that not long ago the ex-premier had forcefully used PETRONAS’ money to save his son’s company from bankruptcy?


We realised that he has networks all over the world including the American DOJ and journalists from the British news outlets. However, we don’t care how loud you scream to the world about 1MDB. What we are concerned about is making sure that this old serpent does not get back to power.

The current premier, Najib is helping the people through many ways which he materialised through various public programmes. However what did the old senile serpent do to the country? He filled up his cronies’ tummies, while he stole away peoples’ money for his son and family and yet he charged Najib as a cleptocrat.

As we obviously see that you are supporting him, just like what John Swinton said, you are just another intellectual prostitute!

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